writing is an art and more importantly a form of expression. Writing enables us to share our joy, fears, and daily life experiences without fear of victimization. As you advance through the academic ladder, you get to advance your knowledge of writing; from writing very short and simple compositions to writing fully detailed and well-researched essays. The key point to note is that a writer is an avid reader and if you want to grow your essay writing skills then you have to read widely and extensively. Discussed below are tips to follow in order to write a good essay and how to make your essay longer


An essay is a piece of formal writing that deals with a given subject. It gives information while at times it allows the writers to state their opinions through their writing. There are four main types of essays: narrative essays, argumentative essays, expository essays, and descriptive essays.


When it comes to writing a great essay a lot of planning and preparations are put into place to ensure good results at the end of it all. When you are writing an essay there are several steps that you must follow as a student to guarantee you good grades. Below is a detailed explanation of how to write an essay

a)Analyze the topic or questions.

-Carry out research and read widely about the given essay topic. Make sure to understand what is required of you before starting the essay.

b)Have a thesis statement

This is a sentence found towards the end of the first paragraph that states the main idea of the essay. Make sure you have one that will guide you all through the writing process. Your thesis statement should be able to draw people and keep them hooked to your essay.

c)Have an outline.

-This is a form of organization and planning out your essay's structure. It can be done by listing points and the examples below it. This helps to guide you the writer through the points and to avoid repetition. Having an outline also helps you approximate the number of paragraphs you will have in your essay which can easily be calculated to determine whether one can attain the required number of pages or words.

e)Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence.

- -A topic sentence gives an idea of what is to be discussed in the paragraph and it appears at the top of the paragraph. The topic sentence is limited to the topic on the paragraph and your opinion depending on what the essay requires you to do or answer to.

f)Use credible sources

- -Make sure to use sources such as google scholars and even academic journals that have been written by academic authors. Avoid unverified online sources. Credible sources are written works by authors who are well respected in their field of study. It is important to have credible sources because you will have evidence of research and evidence to backup your written essay.


- -Make sure to write a good conclusion that restates the paraphrase of your thesis statement, summarises every part of the essay and one that is not disjointed from the rest of the essay. Your reader should understand your part of the argument and its importance. Best of all is to make sure to leave your audience with a strong impression.

h)Review your work.

- -Proofread your work and check it for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. After this you can have someone else read the draft and inform you of maybe places that seem confusing or they are unable to understand. Make sure to read your work one last time before handing over the work.


Have you ever written all the information you have researched about a topic and exhausted all your points yet you haven't reached the required word count? I guess the answer is yes, we have all been there at one point. Over time I have learnt a few tips and tricks on how to make your essay longer. These are:

  • Review your introduction.
  • You should read through your introduction to check if you have left out any important information that should be included in the introduction and whether you have followed the correct steps or answered the question asked.

  • More research, statistical data, and references
  • To add more words to your word count you could do more research on the topic and add more information and more examples to your essay. You could also include some in-text citations from relevant sources to help boost the word count.

  • Quote relevant experts.
  • After writing the essay you can find quotes from experts in the field but make sure the quotes are relevant to the essay you are writing.

  • Avoid contractions
  • A contraction is a word made by shortening two words and combining them to form one word. By avoiding contractions means you write each word in full to help you increase your word count. Example: cant is made up of can and not, don't is made up of do and not, arent is made up of are and not.

  • Use transitional phrases.
  • -Use transitional phrases in the essay where they are applicable for instance when linking two ideas in a paragraph you could use phrases such as: therefore, in light of that, despite all this and demonstrating that.

  • Take a break.
  • It is great to take a break after writing your essay because you might be exhausted and unable to see common mistakes but after a break, you are able to see and make corrections where necessary.

  • Replace pronouns.
  • You could replace pronouns with full names; instead of he or she, you could use Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness The Prince of Edinburgh. Make sure to use this when it's applicable.

  • Use descriptive sentences.
  • Give vivid details of what you are writing meaning your essay will be more sensory appeals to all the five human senses, yet still adds to your word count. You must be very careful though as this trick does not work in all types of essays.

  • Review conclusion.
  • You can reread your conclusion and check to confirm if you have summarized it well or Whether your essay conclusion should be enough and have a lasting impression on anyone who reads your work.

  • Ask for help.
  • This should be your last straw.If you have done all the above steps and you still haven't reached the required word count you should seek help from your teacher and your peers. Keep in mind that essays are not necessarily written for academic purposes only, some are written for entertainment. If you found this article helpful and you need us to help you write your essay you can click on this link and have one of our great writers do it for you at an affordable rate.

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